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Nicolas Legrand-Zorgati

Nicolas Legrand-Zorgati

Blogueur @bigbadnlz

I was born in France in Normandy and I have spent my childhood in Tanzania in Africa for my fathers job who was working for the French government at this time. Later on we moved back in France. I have started my studies in communication and business in Bordeaux and then in Paris. After my diploma I felt like traveling to open my mind about the world and the business. I have spent a year working in Miami in the hospitality sector. When I came back from my trip I had to find a job in the sector I have studied in so I started to work for the agency Dentsu. After few months I realized that I wanted to work for myself the way I thought business was. I have created my instagram agency KINTE in 2014. The goal was to create efficient content for the companies and increase their instagram influence. After few years and great contracts I felt like working more in contact with customers. I have created Ave Giulia pizzeria with partners in south of France. A concept food store with quality food and product. After the first year we are highly fitting the expectations and we are now looking forward to extend the company and the concept.

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